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Subscribers are not normally required to sign a contract. If you require a formal licensing agreement please contact the appropriate publisher directly. Any variations to these guidelines should be negotiated directly with the publisher.

Authorised users are permitted online access to the journal issues to which the subscribing institution holds or held valid subscriptions, and may download, save, or print text, search results or other information solely for private use or research.

Authorised users are employees, faculty, staff and students who are officially affiliated with the subscribing institution.

The publisher may refuse to grant access to an institution that appear to exceed the scope of these guidelines.

The subscribing institution is responsible for any access to the journals, and will use its best endeavours to prevent unauthorised use, including making all reasonable efforts to inform authorised users of these guidelines.

Altering, recompiling, systematic or programmatic copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or re-publishing the journal content or any part thereof without explicit permission from the copyright holder is prohibited.

Systematic downloading, service bureau redistribution services, printing for "fee-for-service" purposes and/or the systematic making of electronic copies for transmission to non-subscribers or non-subscribing institutions are prohibited.

Unless otherwise specified, the publisher holds all rights, including copyright in the journals, and maintains these rights under all circumstances.

The publisher reserves the right to withdraw the journal or any part of the journal in order to comply with any legal rule or court order, or if the publisher is at risk of liability from the continued availability of the journal or part of it.

If and when a subscription lapses the subscribing institution shall continue to have access to the volumes for which it has paid. This will be in the form of continued access to the server where the material will normally be held for a period of at least ten years.


All subscriptions are payable in advance. Subscribers are requested to send payment with their order whenever possible. Requested publicity in form of web sites, banners, PDF brochures, links etc. will be activated on receipt of payment. Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis, i.e. January to December. Please note prices are subject to change without notice.


Payments are in US dollars and should be sent to the Publisher MC "Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and may be made by credit card: MasterCard, Visa, American Express etc. or bank transfer.

Bank Transfer

Customers who wish to pay by Bank Transfer should use the following account of the Medical Center "AESTHETIC SURGERY, AESTHETIC MEDICINE", 11, "20th April" St., BG-1606 Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: (+359) 2 952 4652, 48 931556,
Fax: (+359) 2 951 5668
e-mail: serdev@gmail.com

United Bulgarian Bank
Branch "Sveta Sofia" - 20078270
7A, Sveta Sofia Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 2 987 29 68
Fax +359 2 986 59 32
Account 1114425407


No refunds of subscriptions will be made after the first issue of the journal for the year has been dispatched.

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 IJCS / About IJCS / IJCS Subscribtions
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